Where to Find the Best After Christmas Sales!

If you are in the United States the day after Christmas consider visiting some of the stores listed below for up to 75% off designer clothing, kitchen appliances, household items, and more!

A lot of people in the United States go crazy about Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) sales. Black Friday seems to be gaining in popularity every year. I’ve never really understood why people make such a big deal about it. You can get some decent deals, but it is so crazy and hectic that I can’t stand setting foot near any store. People get injured shopping on this day (speaking from experience)!

Instead, save your money and time for December 26th. You can get some of the best (if not better) deals on this day and with much less hassle and stress.

On December 26th stores like Macy’s open around 7 AM. Many people are still at home sleeping off the stress of the days before or have already gone back to work.  Early in the morning stores are empty. If you go later, it gets a little busier, but nothing like the days before Christmas and NOTHING like the craze of Black Friday.

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Check out some of my favorites places to snag some awesome discounts below:

What to look for:
1. Designer Jackets (Calvin Klein, Michael Kors): 50% off or more. Macy’s has a large selection of jackets.
2. Bedding and Bath: up to 60% off. This is the time of the year to buy high-quality sheets and towels.
3. Household appliances: 50%-60% off. Looking for a coffee maker or espresso machine? This is the time!

Macy's Department Store

Tip: When checking out, for anything already on sale, ask the associate if you can get an additional 15% off. They always have coupons that they can use. If it is a brand new item and not on sale, they are less likely to have the ability to do this. Still, it’s worth asking.

Besides the items listed above, many other items are on sale too. Suitcases can also be a great bargain item this time of year at Macy’s.

These sales usually last for a week or more. You can also shop online too, and get free shipping.

Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS
What to look for:
1. Laundry detergent: 50%-75% off.
2. Salon quality Shampoo and Conditioner: 50%-75% off.
3. Gift sets (body wash, lotion, perfume): 50%-75% off.
4. Deodorant: up to 75% off.
5. Christmas decorations and holiday items: 50%-75% off.

Rite Aid After Christmas Sale

Tip: Stock up on items for the year. Especially Christmas decorations. They are deeply discounted.

These sales usually last until they run out of items. Sometimes the longer these items hang around they cheaper they become.

What to look for:
1. Non-clearance items: up to 50% off.
2. Cologne and Perfume: up to 50% off.


Tip: This year express had 50% off everything, but it only lasted for one day. Get there on the 26th, or you won’t find any exceptional deals the next day.

Bath & Body Works
What to look for:
1. Lotion, body wash, body sprays: 75% off
2. Candles: 50%-75% off

Bath And Body Works

Tip: Their semi-annual sale begins on December 26th. It lasts for at least a week.

Avoid shopping at the stores in malls – the selection is not good. Try to find the stand-alone stores. You will find a much larger selection.

Look for online for coupons. It’s easy to find a $10 off coupon, and they ALWAYS honor these.

What to look for:
1. Outlet stores: up to 70% off all bags.
2. Jewerely: up to 50% off.


Tip: Visit an outlet store for significant savings!

Kate Spade
What to look for:
1. Outlet Stores: Discounts between 60%-80% everything.

Kate Spade

Tip: Visit an outlet store for significant savings!

Eddie Bauer
What to look for:
1. Jackets: 50% off
2. Gadgets: 25%-50% off

Eddie Bauer Jackets

Tip: They have great gadgets that come in handy for camping.

Victoria’s Secret
What to look for:
1. Lotions: 50%-75% off
2. Perfume sets: up to 50% off

Victoria's Secret

Tip: Sometimes these items do not go on sale until a few days after Christmas.

Every year I look forward to these sales and always plan to make specific purchases after Christmas. The only thing that is better about Black Friday is the electronic sales. Otherwise, this is the time to buy (winter) clothing and everyday needs like shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and laundry detergent.

What are your favorite after Christmas sales? Let us know!

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