Visit Riyadh and Plan an Evening BBQ at King Salman Park

Playgrounds, beautiful natural scenery, and lots to explore by bike or foot, King Salman Park is a clean and modern park that is very enjoyable, especially at dusk when the hot sun begins to set.

King Salman Park

King Salman Park is the biggest park in Riyadh, over 3 million square meters. In 2016 the park was officially open to the public. It isn’t entirely complete yet, but there is still a lot to do there. They are still working on completing a camping area and a dam.

The first thing you might notice is that it doesn’t quite look like a park. Many people think of green when they envision a park. King Salman park is designed to reflect the natural beauty and desert-like environment of the Najd region of Saudi Arabia. The Najd region is known for populations of nomadic Bedouins, wadis (dry river beds), and oases. The valleys and rock formations you see throughout the park are also meant to represent the Najd Region.

King Salman

King Salman Park


One of our favorite things about this park is that it is consistently cleaned and maintained. Not all parks in Saudi Arabia can brag about this. Unfortunately, the bathrooms are not well maintained at King Salman Park.
 Here are 2 activities you can do at King Salman Park

1) BBQ

Don’t even think about doing this at lunchtime during the summer months (July & August). The heat will make you miserable. The areas for BBQing are not covered, so you have no protection from the blazing sun. The best time to plan a BBQ is at dusk.

Make sure you bring a BBQ, blankets to sit on the ground, water (there is no running water there), and mosquito repellent. The mosquitos can be intense in the hotter summer months.

This is an excellent place for children too because there are playgrounds. While you are preparing dinner or relaxing, they will be able to enjoy playing.

King Salman Park

2)Take a walk or a bike ride

This is a huge park, and there are many places to explore here. Just be careful because there edges that have significant drops. Children should always be watched. Again, if you are visiting Riyadh during the summer months, wait until dusk to walk or bike.

The paved roads are in excellent condition for biking. If you bike through the park, conditions will vary.

Important information about King Salman Park

Location: Banban – Airport Rd, Banban, Riyadh 13471, Saudi Arabia

Open Hours: 6 AM – 12 AM. However, you can stay after 12 AM and leave at any time. No one can enter the park after 12 AM.

Entrance Fee: None

Parking: Free parking available

Facilities: Bathrooms, playgrounds

Rules: Some places in Riyadh have specific visiting times for singles and families. King Salman Park does not, and is open anytime for everyone.

How much time: If you plan to BBQ you will need 2-3 hours. If you just want to take a walk and get some photos, one hour will be enough.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to King Salman Park as much as we did!


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