Review: United Club Airport Lounge – Seattle

Don’t pay $59 to access a United Club airport lounge when you can purchase a one-time pass for $15! Continue reading to learn more about this airport lounge and to find out how to buy a pass for $15.

United Airlines

United Airlines operates over 45 clubs worldwide, and each offers various amenities. Some are better than others. Not all United Clubs are created equal!

The United Club lounge at the Seattle-Tacoma airport is mediocre at best, and unless you have purchased an annual membership or a one-time pass at a discounted rate, we recommend skipping this lounge.

United Airlines United Club – Seattle-Tacoma Airport
Location: Concourse A (second floor, across from gate A9, and inside security)
Hours: Monday – Sunday 4:30 AM – 12:15 AM
One-Time Pass Entry Fee: $59.00

Last Minute Flight Deals! Check-in Process
The check-in process was quick and easy. You need to show an entry pass and a same-day boarding pass. You are not required to show ID.

You do NOT have to be flying United to access the lounge. You can be flying on any airline as long as you have a one-day entry pass or an annual membership with United Airlines.

Keep in mind that the United Club is in a terminal that has domestic (and United) flights. If you are taking an international flight, you will most likely be departing from Concourse S.  Plan on leaving the club at least 20 minutes before your boarding time. You will need to take a train to get to the other Concourses.

United Club Desk

This lounge offers Wifi and, in case you do not have a laptop, there are several internet terminals. This United Club also has printers and copiers. They also have a lot of outlets and USB ports.

While WiFi is convenient, this is not a significant incentive for accessing this United Club, because the Seattle-Tacoma airport has free Wifi throughout the airport.

The lounge offers light snacks and occasionally soup or a salad bar. The options are limited, and quality of the food is also lacking.

United Club Buffet

United Club Soup

They also had cookies, cheese, snack mix, and bread.

This United Club offered coffee, tea, juice, water, and cappuccino. 

Coffee United Club Seattle

Coffee United Club Seattle

Cappuccino machine

The club has a bar, but alcoholic beverages are not free.


Other amenities include TVs, newspapers, magazines, telephones, flight monitors, and a conference room (you do have to pay to access it).

They do NOT have showers, substantial hot food options, or free alcoholic beverages.

TIP: Purchase a United Club pass for half price or less on eBay! Make sure you pay attention to the expiration date of the pass. You don’t want to purchase a pass that will have expired by the time you travel.

This club is small, and it can be challenging to find seating, especially if you arrive at a busy time like I did (3 PM on a Monday).

The club has seating options such as tables, comfortable chairs, and bar seating.

United Lounge Seating

United Lounge Seating

Though small, the lounge is significantly more comfortable and quieter than the gates which are usually crowded and not always clean. The Seattle-Tacoma airport is the 9th busiest airport in the United States!

The United Club in Concourse A is relatively new. The club used to be in Concourse B. While still mediocre; it is better than the old club.

Save On Airport Parking Overall
This United Club is modern, bright, and very clean. However, it lacks in other amenities making this poor choice for $59.

United Lounge

We recommend skipping this lounge and taking advantage of the free WiFi access and the numerous charging stations offered throughout the airport. While the airport can be a little hectic, it’s not worth it to spend your money on entry to this United Club.


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