Parrot Nest Lodge, Belize: Our Night Sleeping in the Trees!

Are you looking for an experience that you will remember during your stay in Belize? You won’t forget a night sleeping in a tree on the banks of the Mopan River. Plan a trip to Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo District, Belize!

Parrot Nest Lodge, in the small village of Bullet Tree Falls, a few miles from downtown San Ignacio is an experience that should not be missed. Parrot Nest is a tropical paradise on the banks of the Mopan River. Spend an evening watching the sunset in a hammock overlooking the Mopan river and you will wish you never had to leave.

Relaxing on the patio with Pauli and Kibbah

Parrot Nest offers two types of accommodations; cabins and tree houses. I recommend making a reservation for one of the tree houses. The cabins and tree houses are very basic. There is nothing fancy about them. They are clean and comfortable. The cabins have private bathrooms but the tree houses do not. Rooms have fans only. It was very hot while we were there, but the tree house was cooler than the hotel room we had in San Ignacio.

Our tree house cabin

Tree house cabin patio

The shared bathrooms are kept clean but you will find bugs that have made their way into the sinks, showers, and bathrooms. Keep in mind, you are in the jungle. It’s not from lack of cleaning, but a result of the natural environment that you are surrounded by.

Parrot Nest offers services such as laundry, breakfast, and dinner. They have a kitchen stocked with items that you can purchase. You can use the kitchen to store your items or prepare food for yourself. Dinner is $12.50 (USD) per person if you would like them to prepare it for you. We elected to eat dinner a local fast-food stand just down the road, called Kay-J Fast Food. We did order breakfast which was phenomenal. The food was fresh and delicious.

The kitchen/patio

Simple but fantastic breakfast overlooking the Mopan River

Parrot Nest also offers free tubes for you to float on the Mopan River. You can do a short float which requires a 10-minute walk, or the longer float which is a 20-minute walk. We opted for the longer float. Walking with the tubes was not easy especially because the temperature was over 100 that day. I would recommend seeing if you can arrange a taxi to take you to the further float spot. On a hot day, the walk is not easy.

Mopan River

The Mopan River is gentle except for a couple of places. It can be a little hard to get in the tube at the beginning as the water is moving quickly. Take caution to avoid hurting yourself. The long float takes about 1.5 hours and drops you right on the banks of Parrot Nest.You will have a chance to see colorful birds and iguanas as you make your way down the river.

One of the best parts about Parrot Nest is not the tree houses, or the river, but the two resident dogs, Pauli and Kibbah. They are going to be your tour guides whiles you are at Parrot Nest. Both dogs escorted us all the way down to the start of the float and floated all the way down the river with us. We were not entirely sure where to get out at the end but the dogs made sure we were paying attention and let us know by barking at us from the bank that it was time to get out. Kibbah kept guard outside our treehouse all night, and Pauli kept us company while we relaxed in the hammocks.


Parrot Nest is family owned and operated. You can tell they take a lot of pride in what they do and the service they provide. The cabins and tree houses are extremely affordable. This was an experience in Belize worth every penny. I can’t recommend this place enough. When planning a trip to Belize, make sure you include a visit to Parrot Nest Lodge on your itinerary.



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