Kangaroos and Whiskey in Arlington, WA

How often do you get a chance to play with kangaroos and kiss an Alpaca? Probably not often enough! Spend an afternoon in Arlington at The Outback Kangaroo Farm and then head to Bad Dog Distillery and try some Apple Pie Moonshine.

During your visit to Seattle, include Arlington on your itinerary. A 40-minute drive will bring you to the city of Arlington, located on the Stillaguamish river in Washington’s scenic Cascade Range.

Continue reading for two reasons that make Arlington a great place to spend an afternoon.

1) The outback kangaroo farm

The outback kangaroo farm is a great place to visit no matter how old you are. While there were many children on the tour, the adults also had fun.

It’s important to note that you can only see the animals on one of their guided tours. Unfortunately, the farm is not open year-round. Guided tours take place March-October. During their open season, the farm is giving tours (rain or shine) Wednesday-Sunday at 10 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, and 4 PM. You do not need to call ahead of time, just show up about 10-minutes before the tour starts so that you can purchase your tickets.

While waiting for the tour to start, you can check out some of the exotic birds wandering around the property. In the gift shop, you can see an adorable kookaburra, a bird native to Australia and New Guinea. Walking around the picnic tables are peahens with their peachicks, chickens, and roosters. The farm also has two beautiful red golden pheasants.

The tour starts off with a visit to the lemur cage. You can’t touch these animals since they are too susceptible to human sickness. However, it is very entertaining to watch these curious little animals interact with each other and the tour guide. After a few minutes at the lemur cage, everyone wanted to take one home. The tour guide quickly dissuaded everyone on the tour by explaining that lemurs are like two-year-old without diapers – not the type of animal you want in your house.

After you have had a chance to be entertained by the lemurs you get to enter the area where the kangaroos are held. You have an excellent opportunity to interact with them. You are provided with some leaves to feed them. You can pat them and get some great pictures. While most were quite calm and willing to interact, there were one or two that were very feisty. If visiting with small children, it is crucial that you are watching them. One little kangaroo came up to me and started hitting, kicking, and biting me. Luckily it was one of the smaller ones, and while it did not hurt me, it sure startled me. It proved a bit difficult to get away from it too. Unfortunately, his next target was a little girl who was not much bigger than the kangaroo. Though he did not hurt her, he did scare her enough to make her too afraid to be around the rest of the kangaroos. Keep in mind, these are wild animals with unpredictable behavior. After the owner had a stern conversation with the young joey, it did calm down a little.

Seeing these kangaroos move and interact with each other was amazing. I have never seen a kangaroo before, and it was just amazing to watch them walk, jump, and move.

After spending about 15 minutes with the kangaroos, we got a chance to feed and pet donkeys and goats. We also got to feed a llama named Lola. Some animals, don’t enjoy being touched, like Lola and the miniature horse. The owners know each of their animals and seem to do their best to provide them with an environment that supports their needs. Lola certainly did not mind people around her or being fed, and she even followed us around as we visited with other animals.

At the end of the tour, we got a chance to feed the alpacas in a unique way. The owner has you holding the food in your mouth, while the alpacas “kiss you” to get the food. Yes, I did give try it!

If you like animals and would enjoy a chance to interact with them, I highly recommend a visit to The Outback Kangaroo Farm.

Admission is only $12 for adults $10 for children and seniors. Visiting the farm was so much fun!

2) Bad Dog Distillery

After a visit to The Outback Kangaroo Farm drive a few miles to the Bad Dog Distillery. A small locally owned whiskey distillery. The owners Shelly and Dave McGlothern will be happy to welcome you in for a tour and a tasting.  Hank, the “bad dog,” will also be glad to show you around.

Hank, the “Bad Dog” namesake.

Bad Dog Distillery, a grain to glass distillery makes Whiskey, Vodka, and Moonshine. When I visited, they had 11 different products available to sample. My favorites were the Moonshine Apple Pie, Hot Shot (cinnamon flavored whiskey) and Grandpa’s Likkerish (made with star anise).  I also tried some non-flavored whiskey’s too, Grandpa’s Wheat and Grandpa’s Rye. All incredibly smooth with bold flavor. All, are made naturally, and their wheat, rye, and corn come from suppliers around the state of Washington.

What I loved the most about Bad Dog Distillery was the passion that Shelly and Dave bring to their product. Dave does the distilling himself, getting up at 4 AM to start the process and watch over the machines. I learned that distilling whiskey is both an art and science on my tour with Shelly. I also learned the difference between whiskey, bourbon, vodka, and gin. While I do not drink much whiskey, moonshine, or bourbon, I still found all the details and facts fascinating. So much work goes into making a bottle!

Designed and made by the owner Dave.

If you would like a tour, contact them in advance. Since they are a small staff, they want to prepare ahead of time for your visit. This will ensure that someone is available to give you a tour when you visit. They offer tours on Saturdays & Sundays between 12:30-3:30.

Send an email to Shelly@BadDogDistillery.com to reserve a time, or call them at 425-501-8556.

Plan to spend at least an hour (or more) visiting Bad Dog Distillery.

Check them out at their website or on Instagram.

You can find us on Instagram too!

Let us know how your visit was and which whiskey was your favorite!

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