Discounted Airline Club Passes

Why pay full price for airline lounge access when you can get them online for half the price?

Have you ever been stuck in an airport for hours, wishing for a quiet and clean place to get some work done, or for a place to relax on a comfortable sofa with a drink? Those terminal chairs just aren’t that comfortable! A couple of times I have been very close to forking over 60+ bucks to spend a few hours in an airport lounge. I can never do it though. It just doesn’t seem like a good use of money.

Instead, check out eBay! Did you know you can purchase these on eBay for a significantly discounted price? Just go to eBay and search “Airline Club Passes.” I recently purchased two United Club passes for $30.00! Purchasing a pass directly through United will cost you $59.00 and that’s just for one! One important note: make sure you pay attention to the expiration date. You don’t want to buy passes that will end up expiring before you can use them.

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