Delta Airlines: A Review

Efficient and friendly customer service, modern and well-equipped planes, and spacious seating make this an airline that you will want to fly on again. From Seattle to Paris, this nine-hour journey was comfortable and pleasant.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia is an American airline company flying to 100s over destinations in 60 countries. Check out all the destinations they fly to by searching flights and routes with CheapOair (and get up to $50 off with Promo Code AIR50 on select routes!).

When flying within the United States or leaving the United States Delta tends to be my first choice for airlines. I have flown many times with Delta and always had a similar experience: on-time departures and arrivals, no missing luggage, decent customer service, and comfortable planes.

One thing that I dislike about Delta is that they no longer allow free checked bags in Basic Economy and Delta Comfort if you are traveling within Canada or the U.S. Your first checked bag will be $25. If you are flying internationally, most destinations allow two free checked bags.

Delta has a good miles program, but in case you fly more frequently on another airline take a look at their partners so you can make sure you get your points! Their partners include AirFrance, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, and more!

Route: Seattle, Washington to Paris, France (Flight DL 34, Airbus A330-300)
Flight Duration: 9h 48m
Seat Class: Delta Comfort+
Price Range: $500+

Check-in Experience and Customer Service: 4.5
In-Flight Service: 4
Comfort: 4.5
Overall: 4.5
Ranking System 1-6 (6 is the best)

Check-in Experience and Customer Service
You can check-in online, at a self-service kiosk or a Delta counter. Since customer service is fast and efficient I usually check-in at a counter in the airport.

For economy class and Delta comfort, checked luggage has a weight limit of 50lbs. (23kg). They do pay attention to weight limits. If you are just a couple of pounds over and they ask you to pay, ask politely if they can waive the charge. They will often waive the extra fees. They tend to be very lenient about carry-on luggage. At airports in the United States, I have never had my carry-on luggage weighed or even checked. I have seen some people board Delta flights with large carry-on suitcases.

If your luggage is overweight and they are not willing to waive the fees, they will take credit card or cash right at the check-in counter. Some airlines make you go to a different part of the airport to pay baggage fees.

If you have questions or concerns, ask the customer service rep at the check-in counter. They are empowered to solve problems and offer solutions.

In-Flight Service
Delta flight attendants can range in attitude. Some are very friendly and nice, but others act as though their job seriously burdens them. On this flight, the attendants were not very friendly.

There were several meals, snacks, and drinks served on this flight. I almost felt like too many. Every time I started to fall asleep, the lights would go on for food service or a beverage cart would bump my shoulder.

We were given a snack 15 minutes after take-off, a hot meal 2 hours later, a cold meal 2 hours after that, and beverages before landing. The snack was good, but the hot meal was not of the best quality or taste. All meals and drinks were free.

Cold Snack

Hot Meal

I upgraded my ticket to Delta Comfort+. The seat pitch and width will differ depending on the type of plane. Seat pitch in basic economy ranges between 17-18 inches and pitch between 31-33 inches. In Delta Comfort+, the width usually isn’t much wider, but regarding seat pitch, it will range 2-3 inches more than basic economy. I think this couple of inches makes a big difference. I felt like this was the most spacious seat I have ever had.

They provide blankets and pillows, and the headrests are adjustable. The cabin is kept cool, so dress in layers.

Delta Comfort+

This flight was very comfortable. The modern amenities helped too. There were TVs on each seat with a wide range of movies, television series, music, and games to occupy your time. There was a USB port on the TV screen as well as outlets between the seats so that you could charge your electronic devices. The flight departed and arrived on time.

Some flights feel long and arduous, but this one (literally) flew by! I recommend Delta for both domestic and international flights. Book your next flight now with CheapOair and use code AIR50 to get up to $50 off!

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