How to Find Cheap Parking in Portland

One thing that can be difficult when visiting big cities with a car is figuring where to park and how to park affordably. Parking in Portland, OR is not cheap, and it is not easy. Portland has predatory towing so you may pay for being even a minute late.

A great place to park in the downtown area is Chevron located at 23-99 Southwest 5th Avenue. They allow you to park for the day for only $6. If you look at the paid parking lots around this gas station, you will see that $6 barely gets you 2 hours in one of those lots!

Don’t be put off by the location. The clientele is a little unique, and the station is a bit run-down, but we parked for the entire day, and there were no problems. Remember to make sure you take all valuables out before you leave it, just like you would in any big city.

Another affordable option is to park in a Park & Ride and use public transport to get downtown. TriMet has a list of options for daily and overnight parking. Make sure that the overnight parking is not limited to Monday-Friday if you plan to park over a weekend.

Also, it’s more convenient to park at a Park & Rides like SE Holgate Blvd, E 122nd/Menlo Park, Delta Park/Vanport, Gateway/NE 99th Ave TC, or SE Main St. They all have connections to the MAX which I find much easier to navigate than other public transport in Portland.

Make sure you do your research and plan accordingly if you are going to drive to Portland, you will save both time and money!

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