Alaska Airlines: A Review

Excellent customer service and modern planes with convenient amenities make Alaska Airlines a good option for short flights. Unfortunately, Alaska Airlines has cut back on some of their free services, such as meals and checked baggage.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is over 80 years old, and while it has a long history, all of their planes are under ten years old (compared to Delta at an average plane age of 17). Alaska Airlines prides themselves on their excellent customer service and dedication to the community.

Over the years Alaska Airlines employees have worked hard to grow the company and compete with other major US airlines. While the company was “born” in Anchorage, Alaska, their home base is now Seattle, Washington.

Today Alaska Airlines serves over 30 million customers yearly, flying to more than 100 destinations within five countries (Mexico, Eastern Russia, Canada, Costa Rica, and Cuba). Their recent acquisition of Virgin America means that they will continue to increase the routes that they fly.

Alaska’s loyalty program is called Mileage Plan. Their partners include American Airlines, Korean Air, and British Airways. For their entire list of partners, click here.

TIP: Check out their blog. Sometimes you can find fun promotions that get your early boarding, or other little perks.

Route: Seattle (SEA) to Boston (BOS) Flight: Alaska 24, Boeing 737-800
Flight Duration: 5h 9m
Seat Class: Economy
Price Range: $100+

Check-in Experience and Customer Service: 5
In-Flight Service: 5
Comfort: 4
Overall: 4
Rating System 1-6 (6 is the best)

Last Minute Flight Deals! Check-in Experience and Customer Service
You can check-in online, via their mobile app, or at the airport with a self-service kiosk or a check-in counter.

I checked in online before arriving at the airport. I selected my seat at the time I purchased, but during the online check-in, I had the option to keep the seat or switch to another. When I arrived at the airport, I used a kiosk to print my boarding pass. It was easy, convenient, and quick.

I only had a carry-on for this flight. They don’t pay much attention to your carry-on items. The airline allows one carry-on item and one personal item.

The carry on policy gives you some flexibility so you can avoid paying for your checked bags because they do charge. Your first and second checked bags cost $25, a third will be $75. Check out their policy for more information.

If you have an Alaska Airlines Visa card, you (and up to 6 passengers) can get one checked bag free.

TIP: Didn’t receive your bag within 20 minutes? Alaska Airline owes you! Check out their 20-minute baggage guarantee.

In-Flight Service
The attendants were friendly and helpful. As we were boarding, they were assisting with luggage and helping people find their seats.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much to eat on this flight. There were some food/snack items and drinks available for purchase. They did serve two complimentary beverages and cookies.

The in-flight entertainment system was good. There were some free movies and TV shows, texting service, Wi-Fi was available for purchase, and if you have T-mobile, you get one free hour.


There were outlets and USB ports on every seat.


We didn’t get blankets or pillows. Since this was an evening flight, both would have been nice.

The interior of the plane looked new and was clean. I didn’t like that the seats were leather, I find that to be a little uncomfortable.


The seats felt spacious, and I had enough leg-room. Seat Guru lists seat pitch for an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800 to be 31-32 inches with a seat width of 17 inches. This seems standard for economy class. Not small, but not any more spacious than other major airlines.

The flight departed and arrived on time, and we reached our destination safely.

While I liked the customer service and the modern planes, I wish that they didn’t have to operate like a budget carrier. If it weren’t for their checked baggage and food policies, I would have given them a higher overall rating.

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If you have a short flight, and you don’t have to check any baggage, this would be a great airline to choose.

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