A Fun Activity in San Ignacio Belize: Soul Project

If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive activity in San Ignacio that also gives you a chance to learn about the local culture, then Soul Project should be on your list! This funky bar is a lot of fun!

Located on Buena Vista Rd located near the Police Station this unassuming building can go unnoticed. Unless there is a performance, you probably won’t hear it from the road. You may even mistake the building as someone’s house. It’s not well lit, and it doesn’t help that it is located on the edge of the downtown with few lights to guide you. Look for people relaxing and drinking on the veranda, and you will know you are there!

Soul Project is a unique and funky arts and music bar that draws in tourists and locals alike. The place is set up with musical instruments (piano, drums, guitar, microphone) so that people can come in and perform. They have even had some famous artists play there in the past, like Calypso Rose. The bartender informed us that artists had been known to come from all over the world to perform there.

If making music isn’t your thing, no problem, sit in one of the swings at the bar and try some of the owner’s homemade wine/hard cider. The owner, Daniel Velazquez makes fruit wine, depending on what is in season. I recommend asking for a sample of each one. They all have a very different flavor, so it is worth trying whatever they have for the season. My favorites were the tamarind habanero and the rice wine. I also tried a sorrel strawberry which was good as well but a little too sweet for me. These don’t taste like standard red and white wine. They are a little thicker and a little sweeter.

Sampling the strawberry sorrel and the rice wine.

I ended up going with the rice wine. This bears no resemblance to saké. It’s much sweeter and not as strong.

Rice wine

The owner has also set up a little shrine in the corner where he stores his fermenting wine.

The wine shrine!

For those that aren’t interested in wine or making music go for the people! The bartenders are extremely friendly and can tell you a lot about Belize. There are locals hanging out too who are always happy to chat. We learned more about Belize in two hours talking with the bartender than we did in the entire two weeks we were there!

Plan your visit ahead of time though, because they are only open a couple of nights a week, currently Wednesdays and Fridays. Check out their facebook page to get information about their hours and events.

Since Soul Project is only open two days a week plan accordingly if you decide you want to check this place out during your time in Belize!

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