10 Reasons You Will Love Staying at Barefoot Beach Belize

Warning: If you hate beachfront hotels, scenic views and fantastic food do not keep reading!

barefoot beach belize

Barefoot Beach Belize is a beachfront hotel in Caye Caulker Belize. Just a four-minute walk from Caye Caulker’s downtown/water taxi terminal.

Here are the top ten reasons you will love this Barefoot Beach Belize hotel!

1) It’s in Caye Caulker, Belize!

caye caulker belize

Caye Caulker is a tiny Caribbean island off the coast of the Central American country of Belize. The island is about 5 miles in length, and about 1 mile wide.

The island has only three main roads, and they are sand, not paved. You can see the ocean on both sides almost anywhere you are standing!

The population is barely 1,300!

This island tends to be popular with backpackers and budget travelers because of the low price of accommodation and food. However, we were neither, and we LOVED this little island.

2) You must “Go Slow.”

caye caulker belize view

Do you notice all the golf carts in the photo above? That’s because cars are not allowed on the island of Caye Caulker.

The motto of the island is “Go Slow,” and they take this seriously! Your only options to get around are golf-cart, bike, or by foot. I heard a local yell out to a young woman who was running, “lady, go slow!” This motto makes for a relaxing and peaceful stay on the island.

You can unplug here – if you want to. There was plenty of access to WiFi, and my cell phone data plan works from everywhere on the island.

3) You can stay in a fantastic mini-hut for $45 a night at Barefoot Beach Belize!

barefoot beach belize

Barefoot Beach Belize offers several different accommodation options such as cottages, suites, cabanas, and regular hotel rooms. The mini-huts are the least expensive option, running between $45-$55 USD per night depending on the season. We visited during the low season, so it was $45 a night. I was shocked by this price!

The huts are large, have private bathrooms, queen beds, AC, WiFi, and the same amenities as any hotel. They are bigger than a standard hotel room. While you do not have a beach view, all you have to do is walk outside to get one. Honestly, beach views here are not that important, and I wouldn’t pay extra for the view on this island. It surrounds you!

4) Your stay includes a bike, so you can “Go Slow” too!

Beach Bike

The bikes come with locks too and are convenient and fun for taking a spin around the island. Even for someone like me who is not an avid bike rider, you won’t get tired riding around on this island. In reality, you don’t need a bike to get around on this island.

5) Relax in a hammock and watch the sunset right outside of your room.

barefoot beach belize view

Barefoot Beach Belize has a private dock 300ft from the hotel.


Belize is HOT. The sun is intense. It’s lovely to relax under this covered area right outside the hotel in the hammocks.

6) Have a drink at the Split.

caye caulker the split

Less than a mile from Barefoot Beach Belize is The Split. The Split is considered the center of the island. The Split tends to be where backpackers go to have a drink and hang out.

You can grab a drink from the bar and take it into the ocean with you. There are shaded picnic tables in the water to sit at while enjoying your drink.

Caye Caulker The Split

You can also rent kayaks and paddleboards at the Split.

7) Enjoy the beauty of the island.

caye caulker views

Walk a few steps away from Barefoot Beach Belize and see this! It’s phenomenal to be surrounded by this beauty for a few days.

8) Make eye contact with crabs!


There are crabs and hermit crabs everywhere. It is pretty entertaining to watch them scampering around.

Okay, maybe this shouldn’t be one of your primary reasons for choosing Barefoot Beach Belize.

 9) Enjoy amazing food!

Wake up early and enjoy fantastic, fresh, and homemade breakfast just steps away from the hotel.

Julia’s fruit stand on Front Street is a great place to get fruit and freshly squeezed fruit juice. A liter of juice is around $4 USD and, a large container of chopped fruit is about $2.50 USD.

Fresh Fruit Juice

There are several food vendors walking the island. They sometimes sit in one place but are often found on front street or middle street.

Taco stand

You will find many carts making tacos. They are incredibly cheap and delicious. You can get several tacos for around .50 cents.

There is a pretty famous man with a cart on a bike that makes homemade meat pies. He usually can be heard before he is seen. He will be yelling out “homemade meat pies!” The meat pies are about .75 cents each.

homemade meat pies

10) Dive, swim, and snorkel

You can find plenty of activities to do on this island. You can easily arrange a trip to Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley from the island. Snorkeling Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley were awesome experiences.

nurse sharks

Swimming with these nurse sharks was insane! At one point the guide grabbed my hand in the water and pulled me into a circle of about 6 of them. He even put my hands on them! I don’t know much about nurse sharks, and at first, it seems scary, but these sharks were not interested in us at all. They were just like large fish, not frightening sharks!


As amazing as the sharks were these colossal sea turtles!

Our few days in Caye Caulker were ones we won’t soon forget. All of the reasons mentioned above make a very memorable experience.

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We hope you will consider visiting Belize! If you decide to spend a few nights in Caye Caulker and want beautiful, comfortable, spacious, clean, and extremely affordable accommodations, you really can’t go wrong staying at Barefoot Beach Belize!


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